The Foxhunters Consignment Shop and Stock Ties by Cyril

Hello, my name is Patti and I have been an avid foxhunter for many many years and still hunt today. I had several friends ask about my stock ties and where I had bought them and I told them I had made them myself. Well one thing led to another and sure enough.... I was making stock ties on a regular basis.

I pride myself on finding only the best material and patterns that will compliment most vests and cubbing coats . I also buy premium pique material for our solid white ties

I offer 2-fold, 4-fold and shaped ties. Please note that all 4-fold and shaped ties are 'made to order' and may take up to 7 days to receive. I usually have a good supply of 2-fold on hand at all times. Depending on the material, some ties maybe lined to add body to the material.

We sell gentled used foxhunting clothing... mainly vests, cubbing coats, formal coats and a small selection of high end boots.

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