What is the difference between a 2-fold, 4-fold and shaped tie

What is the difference?

I am asked this question alot more times then you would think.  So lets start at the beginning.

A shaped tie:  This is a classic type tie.  Narrow around the neck with a slit to pull one end through.  Less fabric around your neck and easier to tie

A 2-fold tie: This tie is approx 4-5 inches wide, tapered at one end.  The material is folded in half and sew together.  This tie is not narrow around the neck but instead is wrapped around the neck and then tied in the traditional manner. This makes for a smaller neater knot.

A 4-fold tie: This tie is similiar to the 2-fold except it is 8 inchs wide and the material is a single thickness.  It also is NOT narrow around the neck, instead you wrap it around your neck and then tie in the traditional manner, this tie makes a larger knot . This is a more traditional foxhunting tie, though some find it difficult to tie.

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